Disclosure Policy

As much as I love the idea of just blogging for a hobby, the reality exists that people are making a living doing this. As I improve as a writer and a photographer, I’m hoping to become one of those people and make this a source of income for my family. One of the main ways bloggers such as myself can make money through theirs websites is through advertisements. In addition to the ads you may see on my site, there a few other ways I may generate an income.


Sometimes brands will reach out and provide a product or pay me a fee to review or feature a product. Despite the fact I will receive some sort of compensation for sponsored posts, rest assured I will only provide you with my honest experience and opinion. I will clearly tell you at the beginning of the post if it is sponsored.


As I grow, I expect to create relationships with various brands and those relationships may include affiliate links. I will include affiliate links wherever they are relevant. If you follow an affiliate link from my site and end up making a purchase, I will receive a small commission. You do not incur any additional cost by purchasing through an affiliate link. I will disclose in every post that affiliate links may be included in my content.

Last updated 4/18/2016