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I’m not sure exactly when wood accent walls became a thing, but I have been in love since I first stumbled upon them! My husband and I are finally ready to start taking on some projects around the house; the top of my list was that coveted wood accent wall. It didn’t take long for me to find that the options for doing this wall weren’t exactly frugal. I thought I’d have to take a big chunk of our savings to turn my dream into a reality. While I was reading reviews for some flooring options, I saw te light. The answer to my prayers. The very thing that would make my dream of  a wooden accent wall a reality – vinyl plank flooring!

I dragged my husband to Lowe’s at the first opportunity so we could start looking at our options. Almo
st immediately, the perfect floor for this project jumped out at me. We started working on the wall not long after we got home and the more planks that went up, the more excited we got. That excitement quickly shifted to frustration; We woke up the next morning to find most of the planks peeling or on the floor. To be fair, we didn’t put down any sort of glue or primer. We just peeled the backing off the floor and stuck it to the wall. DIY fail. After a little trial and error, we finally got the planks to stick and they look amazing! I could not be happier with how my wood accent wall looks and the money we saved by using vinyl planks!

Wood Accent Wall - Frugal DIY - Weekend Project

The total cost for this project still astounds me, especially compared to how much it would have cost us to get reclaimed wood planks. Our total cost was $132 to cover 80 square feet of wall. That $132 includes 2 boxes of vinyl plank flooring, a grout sponge and contact cement. If we had gone the route of ordering reclaimed wood planks from a company, the cheapest planks we could have gotten still would have cost us $800.

What we used:

  • 2 boxes of vinyl plank flooring (We used Style Selections Vinyl Plank in Driftwood and Gray)
  • grout sponge (to rub down the plank with pressure to ensure good adhesion)
  • spray can of contact cement (We used Weldwood Contact Cement)
  • utility knife to cut the planks

Disclaimer: Now I’m not telling you that just because the contact cement worked on our wood accent wall that it will work perfectly for you. I’m sure that many factors like the type of paint or finish on your wall or even the temperature/humidity can play a part in how well it will make the plank stick. All I know is that the contact cement was the ONLY thing that worked for us when it came to getting those planks to stay put!

What we did:

  • Thoroughly clean the wall. We used a few paper towels and alcohol and gave the wall a good rub down. If your wall is painted, I’d recommend that method. If your wall is not painted, I’d recommend thoroughly vacuuming it with a brush attachment.
  • Stick plank to wall. We sprayed the back of the plank AND the wall itself. We made sure to be very careful and precise and lay the plank snugly against the baseboard or edges of the planks around it.
  • Apply pressure. In our case, our Lowe’s didn’t have a weighted laminate roller in stock so we had to improvise. My husband stumbled upon a grout sponge and it actually worked perfectly. After the plank was placed, he would take the sponge and really put his weight into it as he rubbed down the length of it.
  • Leave it alone! Seriously. Don’t tug at the edges to see how well its sticking or immediately start hanging pictures from it. Read the directions for whatever adhesive you use and really stick to those guidelines. The contact cement we got said it would fully dry in 24 hours. If your planks aren’t sticking, you’ll know within a few hours because they will start to lift from the wall. If they start to lift, you’ll probably need to get a completely different adhesive and repeat the whole process, unfortunately.

There were a few times I wasn’t actually sure if I would get my wood accent wall but I’m so glad everything worked out! Getting this wall done has really set the tone for the rest of the projects I have up my sleeve; I can’t wait to share them with you!

Wood Accent Wall - Frugal DIY - Weekend Project


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