Cold Brew Coffee Recipe – Starbucks Inspired

If you’re anything like me, then your blog or small business is completely run on blood, sweat and coffee!  When my husband temporarily switched to a new shift, it completely threw us for a loop. For the sake of convenience, we were buying the Starbucks premade cold brew iced coffee. Depending on where you shop, that could cost you anywhere from $4-6 per bottle! For some serious caffeine addicts who had to adjust to a third shift schedule, a bottle was only lasting us 2-3 days. Ouch. That cost added up quickly and it frustrated me that there weren’t any cheaper alternatives. I decided to try my hand at making my own cold brew coffee and let me tell you, I’m NEVER buying that premade bottle again!

Starbucks Copycat Recipe - Save money by making your own Starbucks inspired cold brew - cold brew coffee recipe

The best thing about this cold brew coffee mixture is that it can be used as a base in any of your favorite coffee drinks! I even have a recipe up my sleeve for a delicious mocha coffee protein smoothie! Not only does this coffee taste amazing, it is over 50% cheaper than buying that premade stuff! At my grocery store, I bought a bottle when it was on sale for $4.99. I bought a bag of Toasted Hazelnut coffee at Target for $5.97 and I’ve been able to refill the original bottle 4 times from that 1 bag which makes the cost $1.49 per refill. $1.49 per bottle vs $4.99 – are you a believer yet?!

Starbucks Copycat Recipe - Save money by making your own Starbucks inspired cold brew coffee - cold brew coffee recipe

I’ve used at least 3 different methods to strain this cold brew coffee and I even tried my hand at using a cheese cloth. Just trust me on this one, using a cheese cloth isn’t worth the headache. I bought a pack of 700 basket filters from my local Sam’s club for $3 and they are going to last me a long time; at most, I use 6 filters during the straining process. Straining twice is crucial for optimal taste, if you only strain once it will be quite bitter. This method does require a little hands on time but the money I’m saving making it myself just can’t be beat. All you’ll need to start is a mason jar for brewing, your favorite ground coffee, a few coffee filters, a fine metal sieve, two large containers for straining and a container with a lid to store your coffee!


Starbucks Inspired Cold Brew Coffee


  • 1 cup of ground coffee
  • 1 64 ounce mason jar
  • 4-6 basket coffee filters
  • 1 fine metal sieve
  • 2 large containers for straining
  • 1 container with lid for storing


  1. Pour coffee grounds in the mason jar
  2. Pour water over the grounds until mason jar is full
  3. Seal with a lid and shake until grounds are incorporated
  4. Store in the refrigerator for 18-20 hours
    Important tip: Don't shake or stir the grounds prior to straining
  1. Prepare your straining station with your 2 large containers, fine metal sieve and basket filters
  2. Line the metal sieve with 1 basket liner and place sieve over one of your containers
  3. Slowly strain your coffee into the container with prepared sieve. You may need to discard and replace coffee filters a few times for the first strain.
  4. Discard and replace the basket coffee filter and place the prepared sieve over second empty container
  5. Strain the coffee from the first container into the second container
    Straining twice is imperative for best flavor!
  1. After the coffee is finished with its second straining, pour into a container with a lid and store in the refrigerator. Will keep for up to 2 weeks.

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